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Fish White Pomfret Frozen 白鲳鱼 490gm+/-

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Description 详情

Weight 重量     : 490gm +/- 

Benefits 益处   

It is a great source of calcium, vitamins A and D, and B vitamins, including Vitamin B12, vital for the nervous system. It also offers iodine, critical for the thyroid gland. A useful brain food, the pomfret is good for eyesight and healthy hair and skin.

富含钙质、维生素 A 和 D 以及维生素B群(包括维生素 B12)的重要来源,对神经系统至关重要。除此之外还提供丰富的碘,对甲状腺至关重要。鲳鱼是一种有益的健脑食品,有益于视力的健康以及头发和皮肤生长。

Notice 注意         : 

Salmon ring cut-04.jpg

Serving Suggestion 建议烹调法 

Steamed White Pomfret with Soy Sauce 清蒸白鲳


Ingredients 材料 :

  • 450-600g white pomfret / 400-500克 白鲳
  • 60g ginger, 30g cut slices & 30g thin strips / 60克 姜,一半切片,一半切丝
  • 30g shallots, slices / 30克 红葱,切片
  • 20g green onion  / 20克 青葱 

Instruction 做法 :

  1. Remove the scales and fins. Cut and remove the innards of the fish. Wash and drain it.
  2. Spread the salt and the oyster sauce on the fish evenly. Set aside and leave the fish to marinate for 1 hr.
  3. Put on layer of ginger slices on the plate. Put the fish on the plate and stuff in some ginger slices and green onion into the fish's stomach. Also, place some ginger slices and green onion on the fish.
  4. Bring a pot of water to boil. Put in the fish and steam for 8 mins. 
  5. Remove all the ginger slices, green onion and excess steaming water.
  6. Add the thin strips of ginger, green onion and  shallots on top of the steam fish. 
  7. Pour in the steamed fish soy sauce. Heat 2 tablespoon of oil and pour onto the steamed fish.
  8. Done and serve immediately. 

  1. 鲳鱼刮鳞去鳍。剖肚去除内脏。清洗后沥干水分。
  2. 将盐以及蚝油均匀涂抹在鱼上。静置腌制1小时。
  3. 在碟子上铺上姜片。放上鲳鱼,在鱼肚里塞进些许姜片和青葱。同时,也在鱼上撒上剩余的姜片和青葱。
  4. 烧锅热水至沸腾,放放入鲳鱼清蒸约8分钟。
  5. 完成后,取走姜片和青葱,倒掉多余的水分。
  6. 将姜丝,红葱,以及青葱稍微爆香后撒在鱼上。
  7. 撒上蒸鱼酱油以及将 2汤 匙热油淋在蒸好的鲳鱼上即可。
  8. 趁热上桌

Source : https://madamngrecipe.com/steamed-white-pomfret-with-soy-sauce/

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