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Oyster Live Frozen AAA 生食级生蚝 100-140gm 10pc/pkt

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Oyster Live Frozen AAA 生食级生蚝 100-140gm 10pc/pkt Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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How to prepare / shuck oysters  如何准备/开生蚝


  • What you will need 准备工具 :
  1. Kitchen brush 厨房刷
  2. Oyster knife. Use a short, dull knife if an oyster knife is unavailable. Avoid using sharp knife. 开生蚝刀。或一把短,钝的刀具。避免使用利刃。
  3. Towel or a pair of heavy duty gloves. 毛巾或厚手套。
  • Preparing/shucking 准备开生蚝:
  1. After thawed the oysters, clean the shells with the kitchen brush. 解冻后的生蚝,用刷子清洗壳上的污渍。
  2. Hold the oyster firmly in your hand and insert knife between the top shell and bottom shell. A towel can be used to protect your hand. Twist the knife to pry the halves apart. Work the knife around and cut through it. 将生蚝拿起,可用毛巾或手套保护手掌。找到内外壳链接的缝隙,下刀把筋肉切开挑断。
  3. Open the shell, slide the knife between the oyster and the top shell. Detach the oyster from the top shell. Slip the knife under the oyster and remove it from the bottom shell. 打开外壳后 ,用刀小心划开连在刻上的生蚝。将生蚝与上壳分离,虾壳重复同样步骤。
  4. Keep them cold by setting them on crushed ice as serve it with squirt of lemon juice and Tabasco as soon as possible. 打开后的生蚝建议放在碎冰上保持冰鲜及尽快食用。可挤上柠檬汁和塔巴斯科辣椒酱一起食用。

Source : https://www.thespruceeats.com/how-to-shuck-oysters-2217269


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